Eye Candy 🌴


I guess you could say I’m a lucky little cruiser. I live in a gorgeous city within a gorgeous state. I wouldn’t change anything about where I live. First moving to Santa Barbara I was little nervous moving to a new city not knowing anyone, but after a good 48 hours of living here I had a huge group of friends and everyone was so welcoming to me. When I first moved here I lived in a little cottage near the hospital, but that didn’t last for too long. My father and step mom went on a quest to find a perfect beach home to raise me in. Finally after weeks of searching they found our dream home. I currently live 5 minutes away from the beach with the view being my backyard. I wouldn’t change anything about where I live. I love it. Perfect location. Many kids growing up never really appreciated their homes they grow up in or especially they cities they live in. Us SB lokes have it good and we don’t really realize it.