The Fairy Dust


Ello bloggers! Happy Tuesday to you all. This past weekend my very dear friend Anna and I decided to go to the Santa Barbara Fair and Expo. Every year I tell myself that I will not go because every year I do not have fun and I believe it is a waste of money. So of course, I didnt listen to myself and I went anyways. We went to the fair knowing it was just us two all night. And we were completely okay with that! We love the presence of one other and didnt mind at all. Were like two peas in a pod 😉 (line stolen from Anna) The first ride we headed for was the ferris wheel. We decided that we had to get a picture of our view before it was too late. We went on just as the sun was going down and watched as the sky got darker and darker. The photo to the left is a photo I took when we were stopped on the very tippy top of the ferris wheel. I thought a picture of the whole fair would be beautiful and I was right! After getting off of the ferris wheel we ran into a few younger friends of ours and hung out with them for a little. After about an hour of being at the fair we got over it and just left and did some way funnier things 😉 But hey, I have no complaints about that night what so ever.

xoxo Taylor.

Inspiration Point


Happy Wednesday everyone! Only 3 days till the weekend and Spring Break for me! The vacation I’ve been waiting for all year. Although I love winter and being on break for 2 weeks, Spring Break is by far my favorite. It feels like summer and reminds me of all the good times I will have in just a short few months. Since Spring Break is around the corner and I’ll be spending my week in Kauai I’ve been working out as much as I can. They don’t call it bathing suit season for nothing 😉

A few days ago my mum and I took our weekly hike at Inspiration Point like we always do. It was a beautiful clear day with bright blue skies and not a single cloud in the sky. I couldn’t help but capture the beauty on my phone. I know I always talk about Inspiration Point on here, but it is by far my favorite hike in Santa Barbara. Its close to my mum’s house and is a great view of Santa Barbara. If you are ever in SB I highly recommend you checking it out. Click here for directions.

xoxo Taylor.

Aloha Friday

photo (7)photo

Aloha Friday! Finally it’s that time of the week again. I’m sure we are all ready for the weekend. Time to relax, be with our loved ones, and make memories with our friends! This weekend I’m heading down to Malibu,Ca to spend the weekend with my best friend and her family. Her brother Chase’s 18th birthday was on Wednesday so we are celebrating tonight with my brother and I. We are attending the Shwayze concert at the Malibu Inn tonight. So excited! Defiantly will post pictures next week to keep you guys updated!

I woke up this morning and was walking out the front door when I see this sight right in front of me, typical me I have to pull out my phone and capture it. A perfect picture to fit a perfect day.  Waking up with it being sunny and pouring rain with a gigantic rainbow going across the whole sky to add onto that. Can’t get much better then that. Every Friday two of my guy friends, Patrick and Kanin wear a Hawaiian Shirt to match the theme “Aloha Friday.” (Kanin on the far left and Patrick in the middle.) On the far right is a Senior at our school who also is apart of the “Aloha Friday” but with the senior class. I love the theme “Aloha Friday” and I get excited to see what new hawaiian shirts people pull out of their closet to fit this day. Comment below and tell me some stories of your weekend! I would love to hear them.

xoxo, Taylor.