Fine Wine and Dine

the studs, HK and Rich

the studs, HK and Rich

Good evening bloggers. This past couple of weeks have been a huge success for my parents and their business and tonight we decided to finally celebrate! My step father and mum have created a meal replacement drink after my inspirational little sister Kate Madison. I will give you a little inside of her story right now so you understand 🙂

My sister Kate was born 6 years ago and was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Through the past 6 years she has been a fighter and an inspiration to our family. Sadly since she has cerebral palsy and cannot eat on her own and can’t get all her nutrients she needs. The hospital subscribed her to Ensure which is meal replacement drink but is full of sugars and many things that are not healthy for you. By drinking this my sister lost all of her teeth due to rotting and did not get any healthier then before she started drinking it. Due to this incident my parents teamed up with one of their dear friends who is the founder and creator of ProBar and started to brain storm ideas of how my sister can get all of her proteins she needed.  Finally they came up with a drink with 21 super foods. They started feeding this to my little sister and she was growing healthy and strong instantly. My parents also started drinking the creation and became 10x healthier and more energized plus my mum looks 5 years younger 😉  My step dad, Richard took this idea and started creating a business with it. My stepdad is known for being a huge dreamer and loves to dream big, but he always takes his ideas and makes something with them. Something I love dearly about him! He named the company “Kate Farms” after my little sister and the drink is named “Komplete.” This was 3 years ago and now today they are blowing up and are in stores across the country. Recently they have signed with Vitamin Shoppe and Patagonia. I couldn’t be more proud and happy for my parents. Thanks to my little sister my parents are going out to the world and changing lives for everyone. Kate Farms is not only for children with cerebral palsy, but is for any and everyone! It’s extremely healthy for you and makes you feel 10 years younger! You feel like you can accomplish anything on it. Komplete comes in 3 delicious flavors, Vanilla, Java, and Chocolate. Click here to order Komplete or check out more about Kate Farms!

Cheers to you mum and Rich for making a difference and showing anyone that a dream can really come true. Love you both so much!

xoxo Taylor