Happy Monday everyone!! Although we are all dreading to get out of bed this morning and going to either school or work we all have to do it. So might as well make the best of it!

One of my favorite bands, The Kooks always put me in a good mood and the morning and always know how to wake me up without putting me in a bad mood for the day. Jean Tonique made a great remix of  The Kook’s song Naive. The remix is not too much with all the dub step and rap remixes now of days. It’s the perfect amount to wake you up and put you in a great mood for the day!

The Kook’s  are an English rock band from Brighton, East Sussex. The band was assembled in 2004 by lead singer Luke Pritchard. To make up the beautiful band we have: Hugh Harris on lead guitar, Paul Garred on the drums, and Max Rafferty on the bass guitar. The genre they are categorized in is Indie rock, Britpop, alternative rock, and Indie Pop.

If you are into mellow music and ready to be put in a good mood check them out! I promise they do not disappoint!

Have a great Monday!

xoxo Taylor