Girls In Pearls, Guys In Ties


This previous weekend was a good friend of mine Mccailey’s Sweet Sixteen. After weeks and weeks of talking about it it finally was here! As the party was approaching McCailey and I wanted it to have a unique theme so we spent hours thinking and exchanging ideas to one another and finally we came up with the perfect theme! Girls in Pearls, Guys in Ties. Explains McCailey so much! Such a classy theme.

Finally Saturday was here and it was the big day. Spent all week at school talking about it and spent all day Saturday wishing it was 8:30 already. When 8:30 arrived I had possibly the biggest smile on my face. My friend Mackenzie and I hitched a ride with a few of our guy friends who lived close by to my dad’s house to the venue. When we arrived we checked in with the bouncers and ran upstairs to see how everyone dressed up and see how the party was going. Of course outgoing me goes right to the dance floor and starts busting moves. As the night when on I had more and more fun. It was a perfect night and I couldnt have spent it with anyone else then everyone who was invited.

The image to the left is one of the images we took in the photo booth. Many people just ran into the booth and started taking pictures with us. Who cares though because it turned out to be such a cute picture! Happy 16th Birthday Cailes!

xoxo Taylor.


Coachella Season

With Coachella around the corner its never too early to start planning and purchasing your outfits. I know I’ve already started! My step mom is a hoarder of clothes. (not actually) She has everything from her high school days till now. I must admit some of her high school clothes I question, but for the majority of it they are super cute! Coachella is a great place to step out of your comfort zone and wear whatever you want. The great part about it is no one will judge you! Everyone their is wearing crazy and hippie things too. Since my step mom and I are around the same size in her high school clothes she is letting my borrow some of her super hippie dippy clothes. Can’t wait! 

The image above is a PERFECT outfit for Coachella! Although the items are sort of pricey there are many clothing items at there very similar! So if you don’t want to spend the money on an outfit like this, use this as an idea and go shopping at thrift stores. They always have the cutest and hippest stuff! That’s what I plan on doing 🙂 

Here are the items from the image above: 


Hope you enjoyed!! 

xoxo Taylor 

The Perfect Outfit

Although winter is coming to the end, in Santa Barbara its still a little chilly every now and then. One thing about Santa Barbara that you can never predict is the weather. One day it will be clear, blue skies and 80 degrees, then the next day it will be pouring rain. You never know what you’re dealing with here. I’m a huge fan of comfort and if I’m not comfortable you won’t hear the end of me. Every time I pick out my outfit for school or for the weekend I always make sure I’ll be comfortable before I leave the house. I love lulu lemon leggings and I always wear them when my jeans are dirty or if I want a comfort day. They are the perfect pants to wear with boots or even to work out in!

I have another blog on the website “Tumblr” and I follow many fashion blogs. I love to see how different people put together an outfit and I love to get new ideas for myself. One of my favorite blogs is here. I love how she puts together outfits and gives you the website where you can find the whole outfit. The image above is one of her most recent outfits and I love it! It’s perfect for the weather right now and the season.

  • Blue Denim and Cotton Jacket can be purchased here.
  • Brandy Melville Kayla Knit Sweater can be purchased here.
  • Dickies Relaxed Fit Jeans Washed 13291 can be purchased here.
  • Leather Satchel Backpack can be purchased here.
  • Theory: Yvanka Combat Boot can be purchased here.

Comment below with links to your favorite fashion blogs or pictures of  your outfits! I would love to expand my fashion taste and see what you have in mind!

xoxo. Taylor.

A Night Out

winter formal outfit

Winter formal was Saturday night for our high school. I didn’t really feel like shopping for a new dress and heels for the event because I wasn’t going to the actual dance and I didn’t have a date either. A bunch of my friends rented a party bus and we attended that instead of the actual dance. We still dressed up for pictures and dinner though. The day of the event I just went into my closet and picked out something. Not too fancy, but not too casual.

  • For my dress I wore a a black nylon dress from American Apparel. I used it earlier in the year for my minnie mouse costume for halloween. It was very comfortable and easy to move around in .
  • For my jacket  I wore a Banana Republic Faux Fur Jacket that my mom got for the winter. It was a perfect accessory to add to my outfit. It keep me the right temperature all night and was comfortable!

If you haven’t noticed yet I’m all about comfort! Nothing is worse for me then being in an outfit all night that makes you uncomfortable. I loved my outfit and it came together great for a last minute choice. Plus it fit great for the “winter” theme! My outfit was great for the bus and I still could get my dance on without being uncomfortable!