To the Windows to the Doors

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Lil Ripper

Hey bloggers!! As I mentioned numerous times on my blog before I am in the MAD Academy, but for you new comers I’ll give a brief explanation! The MAD Academy is a multimedia arts design academy. This year as a junior, I will be focusing on photography. My passion! My first project in my photo class is based on “inspiration.” Meaning we have to photograph photos based on our favorite photographer and their genre. My favorite photographer is Chris Burkard.¬†Throughout the years I have expanded my love and knowledge for photography. About over a year ago I came across the photographer Chris Burkard. Chris is an American self-taught photographer who shoots landscape, lifestyle, surf, outdoor, and travel. His work is a photojournalistic approach. Burkard’s career started off as a freelance photographer on both editorial and commercial projects. At the age of 21 he served as the senior staff photographer for Surfline, a surf forecasting site. Chris is 27 years old now and still expanding his portfolio and bringing smiles to many faces.

The images below our my own “Chris Burkard” photos with my best friend Anna modeling for me. Hope you enjoy! Comment below for your favorite type of photography and I would love to try and photograph them for you!

xoxo Taylor.

IMG_7946 IMG_7940 IMG_7938