It’s Time

Jsal & SamTheHam

Jsal & SamTheHam


MAD class of 2013

MAD class of 2013


The Gals

The Gals

This past Friday was the MAD graduation. If you are a new follower to my blog I am apart of an academy called MAD which is short for “Multimedia Arts Design Academy.” With only 4 days left of school MAD decided to do the senior graduation Friday night starting at 5 pm. I attended the ceremony with my friends Julia and Sam and sadly we were about 25 minutes late so we missed about half of the senior videos. From the videos I saw it was a beautiful and perfect way to end their 3 year experience here in MAD and to say thank you to all of their teachers and mentors that have helped them out along the way. After the graduation we had a showcase for the Sophomore, Junior, and Senior class projecting our works and projects in all different rooms around MAD to show our parents what we have been doing this whole entire year. It was so interesting to walk around and explore all the different works from the students and see their photography, adobe, and editing skills projected. As the school year has gone by I have realized that I am very lucky to be apart of a wonderful academy and thankful for all the amazing people I have met along the way. Cheers to two more years in MAD and congratulations to all the Seniors who graduated from MAD on Friday and who will be graduating from Santa Barbara High School this Thursday night. Good luck out their in the real world and thank you for being great mentors to us lower clansmen.

xoxo Taylor.


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