Repeat Repeat Repeat

image from: @teatannedandtoned (instagram)

image from: @teatannedandtoned (instagram)

Morning there. I’m sorry I haven’t been blogging about work outs lately  I just haven’t had time to go to the gym and try new ones. But over the weekend I came across this work out and tried it in my room and it’s a great work out! You don’t even need a gym 😉

  1. First start off with an environment that you feel comfortable with and have plenty of space. 
  2. Then start with 30 seconds worth of bench jumps.
  3. Move on to a 1 min plank.
  4. Then do 30 seconds of side squats on bosu.
  5. After do a 1 min side plank (left & right)
  6. Now 30 sec sprints.
  7. Now to 1 min sit ups.
  8. Lastly rest.
  9. Now repeat 😉

I promise you this will not disappoint you!! Enjoy and comment below and tell me how you liked it!!

xoxo Taylor.


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