The Pit brahh

The Pit brahh

Sup bloggers. This week I’ve been staying up till 1 am every night to study for all my tests and completing my website that I mentioned in yesterdays post. Sadly the school year is coming to an end and all the seniors will be off all around the country and some even the world. But on the bright side next year I will be a junior (aka upper class men) and summer is here!  So there is always a bright side to situations. Earlier today I rode my bike down to the local beach near my house called Hendry’s but as some surfers call it the “pit.” I have been dying to go in the ocean and to just have it be summer already. As the sun was going down I had a nice little 2 hour body surfing sesh at the Pit by myself and it was beautiful. The water is finally warm enough to not wear a wet suit! Sadly that was a little tease for summer 😦 So! If you live by the beach jump in the ocean. I promise its not a disappointment!


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