She Wants to go to the Seaside

photo 9 Morning bloggers! Hope your weekend was filled with new memories and great times. Mine was 😉 This past Sunday my friend Anna surprised me at my house with her rack shack and told me we were going on a beach walk. At first I was a little confused on the idea since it was freezing and super windy down at the beach, but hey good way to exercise and to get out of the house. We both decided to head down to Montecito to Butterfly Beach. The beach was gorgeous with the wind hitting the water creating choppy waves, and big grey clouds surrounding the sky. It was a beautiful sight. We walked up and down the beach and found a little tiny cave that we decided would be a great place to take a picture. The minute I saw this picture it reminded me of one of my favorite songs, Seaside by The Kooks. I love the mellow and beautiful vibe the song has and it always puts me in a relaxing mood. The Kooks have some amazing songs and I highly recommend for you to check out their music if you haven’t already! Never a disappointment. Have a great rest of your Monday!

xoxo Taylor.


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