Mesa Locs

The Homie Russell

The Homie Russell

Me Shreddin

Me Shreddin

Whats up bloggers. This past week a friend of mine showed me a new secret spot on the Mesa in Santa Barbara that you can check out the beautiful ocean view or the surf for the surf spot “Mesa Lane.”  I love to explore new little spots in Santa Barbara and was excited to see that this one was just right down the street from me! This past weekend my good friend Anna and I went down to the pier and the Skate Park to create a skate montage video on my go pro. We both love to long board and wanted to make an artsy video of us. After an hour of capturing footage of us two, we headed over to the skate park to get a little more footage for the video, so its not just us. When we skated over we saw our friends Penn, Dane, and Pat all skating and decided to record them. Below is the video montage that we made. Hope you enjoy!!

xoxo Taylor.


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