The Fairy Dust


Ello bloggers! Happy Tuesday to you all. This past weekend my very dear friend Anna and I decided to go to the Santa Barbara Fair and Expo. Every year I tell myself that I will not go because every year I do not have fun and I believe it is a waste of money. So of course, I didnt listen to myself and I went anyways. We went to the fair knowing it was just us two all night. And we were completely okay with that! We love the presence of one other and didnt mind at all. Were like two peas in a pod 😉 (line stolen from Anna) The first ride we headed for was the ferris wheel. We decided that we had to get a picture of our view before it was too late. We went on just as the sun was going down and watched as the sky got darker and darker. The photo to the left is a photo I took when we were stopped on the very tippy top of the ferris wheel. I thought a picture of the whole fair would be beautiful and I was right! After getting off of the ferris wheel we ran into a few younger friends of ours and hung out with them for a little. After about an hour of being at the fair we got over it and just left and did some way funnier things 😉 But hey, I have no complaints about that night what so ever.

xoxo Taylor.


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