New and Extremely Improved

photo (7)

Lab Neighbors!

Main Entrance

Main Entrance

New and Improved Green Room

New and Improved Green Room

Good morning bloggers! Hope everyone had a wonderful week and is ready for a beautiful weekend! Recently the MAD academy has moved into our new location on campus and we couldn’t be more happy and excited. Although we all do dearly miss the old location. The MAD Academy is new and improved thanks to all the families who helped out and made this possible! We are extremely grateful. Above is a few photos of the new location I snapped during class today. The main entrance is breath taking and so are my neighbors 😉 Within the new location we have many new upgrades. For instance the green room! It is big enough to pull cars into to film and is extremely spacious! Dan the Man is doing big things and has a bright future ahead of him with this new location! I’m extremely lucky and grateful that I am apart of the academy and the MAD family and wouldn’t ask to spend my high school years any other way 🙂

xoxo Taylor.


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