Little Cruisers


Hello everyone!! So tonight at Santa Barbara High School was kind of a sad night, but not really. It was Senior Night for the boys volleyball team. I am a huge supporter of the sports team at my high school and love attending games! Gotta have school spirit 😉 Before the game I went to my friends McCailey house who lives just up the street from the high school. Our friend Rosie got her license today so she picked us up with Sabina and Emily and we all mobbed to the game together. Great group of gals! Rosie’s brother is a senior on the team, Joe. (number 4) When we arrived to the game the girls showed me their little spot they discovered at the last home game that I wasn’t at. It was a great birds eye view of the game! Didn’t have to worry about bothering others with our cheers or sitting on the uncomfortable bleachers/benches we have in the gym. Our boys played Buena High School which is a high school in Ventura, Ca and all 3 of our teams won tonight. Very proud of them! Sadly tonight was the last home game of the season and last game in our gym since it is getting remodeled starting in May. We stay have a couple games left in the season though and I know the boys will dominate and be Channel Island League Champs! Good job tonight boys and good luck to all you seniors out there in the real world. You’ll be dearly missed!!

xoxo Taylor.


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