Time To Rage

coachella 3coachella

This previous weekend was the first weekend of Coachella. I know I know I’ve been blogging a lot about Coachella, but what can I say. I was super excited about this music festival. As you may have read before, I grew up in La Quinta where the concert is taken place so I have many old friends that I couldn’t wait to meet up with at the festival to hang out with. I arrived to the desert Thursday night to beat the horrible traffic Friday. For the weekend I stayed at a family friends house who has a son my age. We’ve been biffles since diapers. Love that kid! Anyways! We all headed over to Coachella together and I met up with my best friend Madi and our friend Ellery from Malibu. We met up with some of our Palm Springs friends and just had a great time! As the weekend went on I saw more and more people who I havent seen in years and I was so excited to see them. Most of them being my brothers friends who are in college that I grew up with! Miss those guys! This years Coachella was an amazing time and experience and I wouldnt change one thing about it. I cannot wait to go next year and I’m already counting down the days 😉

xoxo Taylor.



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