9 Days To Go

It’s almost that time. 9 days to go! Sadly recently in the past year they have divided Coachella up into two weekends because it has gotten so popular and crowded that they wanted to give an opportunity to more people to attend. I personally dislike the idea and think it is very dumb. I grew up a street away from where Coachella is (Indio Polo Grounds). Every year I watched my two older brothers and their friends drive our golf cart over to Coachella and have the time of their lives. We host a “pre-Coachella Party” at our house the Friday Coachella starts.

Thankfully this year I am finally allowed to attend and I couldn’t be more excited or happy! After all the years of watching my brothers and all of their friends go in and out of the house it’s my year to experience what they have experienced for years. The video above is a video taken of the Coachella in 2010. I love this video and I couldn’t be more excited to go after watching this video. Enjoy!!

xoxo Taylor.


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