Real Beauty

image from: @teatannedandtoned (instagram)

image from: @teatannedandtoned (instagram)

Sadly now a days society holds a high standard of what we should look like, be like, and act like. Unfortunately many people follow these guidelines and sometimes even harm themselves in order to keep up with the standards. I am a strong believer in being whoever I want and I don’t listen to anyone or copy “society” to be that. I believe that we should be whoever our heart desires to be and we shouldn’t have society tell us what “beauty” is. We are all born beautiful in our own way. Society today ruins many people and a lot of people harm themselves to be “thin” or to have the “perfect body.” They do not understand that their body is beautiful just the way it is. The other day I came across this image on my news feed and fell in love. It couldn’t be more right. Stop caring about your appearance and just care about your health and soon your appearance will be gorgeous. But remember you were born beautiful in your own way and no one can tell you differently!
Xoxo Taylor.


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