It’s Good To Be Home

my home gurl Elizabeth

my home gurl Elizabeth

photo 2

Ahhhh!! After being away all spring break in Kauai it was good to be home. Having my own room with everything I need, the freedom of traveling everywhere, and of course my friends! I landed into LA late Friday night and arrived back in Santa Barbara at 1 am. All I had left was Saturday and Sunday with my friends so time to live it up!

On Saturday morning my friend Elizabeth drove to pick me up from my house and we drove to Miramar Beach in Montecito. Her family rented a beach house there for the week so we spent our whole day messing around Miramar paddle boarding and tanning. Her whole family was in town for her Grandmother’s 80th birthday so there was never a dull moment! It was fun to meet all of her family and hang out with all of her little cousins. The pictures above our pictures of us we took while stand up paddle boarding. I couldn’t have asked for a better way to spend my Saturday!

xoxo Taylor.


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