Cruising Around Town

photo (7)photo1

Rain is away and the suns out, of course I have to take advantage of that! After a week long of clouds and rain the sun is finally out. After school on Friday my friends and I (Elizabeth on the left and Mackenzie on the right) decided to whip out Mackenzie’s convertible and wonder around town until night time. When we use Mackenzie’s convertible we always turn into the craziest girls and just always enjoy ourselves and have the best times. We always blare the cheesiest music and sing to everyone we see. Hopefully we will never see them again because we pretty much scar them.

The images above are pictures of us at our favorite spot called “Look Out Point” in Hope Ranch. I’ve posted quite a few photos from this location. It’s a perfect place to go and park your car and enjoy the beautiful scenery right in front of your eyes. Whenever your in Santa Barbara I highly recommend stopping by this spot and take a few minutes away from society and enjoy Santa Barbara’s beautiful scenery.

xoxo Taylor.


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