Lazy Hazy Days


Sadly the clouds started to roll into Santa Barbara. I knew the perfect weather was too good to be true. Today was filled with lots of clouds and little sprinkles of rain here and there. Sadly I had to pull out my winter clothes and get all bundled up, but on the bright side I got to rock my beanie 😉

After school my friend Mackenzie and I decided to grab Starbucks and go to Look Out Point which is located in Hope Ranch. Look Out Point is over looking the ocean and a perfect place to sit in your car and just look out at the beautiful scenery and just relax. Mackenzie and I sat in her jeep and listened to our favorite band, “Iration” on Pandora and just took the time to relax and enjoy the beautiful city we live in. The image above is an image I took on my phone when we first arrive to the spot.

Although I’m not a fan at all of the cold, sometimes here and there I learn to appreciate it and always make the best out of it. Today was a beautiful day just to relax and enjoy everything.

xoxo Taylor.


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