Beautiful Day

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This weekend on Saturday, my friends and I woke up and felt like having a delicious gourmet breakfast. Sadly we are just a bunch of high school kids so we don’t have the money to have that. Instead I came up with the great idea of having a breakfast picnic in my backyard. While my friend Mackenzie was making the waffles, Noa and I decided to decorate the table in the backyard to make it cute and festive. We decided to stick to the color theme or red. We decorated the table with a beautiful red table strip that my step mom has and coral napkins.

After the long 20 minutes of making the waffles, it was finally time to eat. I couldn’t wait. I haven’t had a home cooked breakfast in so long. On my waffle I had powered sugar and Aunt Jemima syrup. Yum yum! Sadly we were out of fruit at my house so I couldn’t have a nice side of strawberries. My friends Mali, Mackenzie and Noa joined me and it was such a peaceful breakfast. We listened to Iration pandora station on my surround system outside with the sun kissing our skin.

Later in the day Mali, Mackenzie, and I decided to take out Mackenzie’s car which is a convertible. Not the cutest car, but at least it’s car! We decided to drive around Santa Barbara with the top and have the sun kiss our skin. We drove all around blaring music and singing to everyone we saw. Such a fun time! I hope to never see the people again that we sang to because we were quite a freak show.

This Saturday was quite a success and I wouldn’t have spent it any other way! Comment below and tell me your weekend stories!

xoxo Taylor


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