Monday I’snt So Bad Afterall

image from: @sammygilliams (instagram)

image from: @sammygilliams (instagram)

Happy Monday everyone! Today I wanted to switch it up a little and post something inspirational instead of music. Although today is Monday and we all dread it, it’s really not that bad if we think about it. This image is taken from my friends instagram and I couldn’t help but screen shot it and keep it. The message in this image is so inspirational and right.

Everyone makes Mondays seems so dreadful and horrible, but realistically they are beautiful. Its a new start of a new week. A new day to change something in your life. A new day to meet someone new or tell an old friend how much they mean to you. Sadly we make Mondays out to be the bad guys, but we are actually the bad guys.

Life each day as if it were your last and appreciate everything in your life. If your ever having a bad day, just remember that eventually the day will end and you have a brand new day to start over. So keep this message in mind and just think next time you wake up on Monday that it’s not so bad after all. It’s only bad if you make it bad. So make life worth living!

Have a great Monday everyone!!

xoxo Taylor


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