Aloha Friday part 2


image from: @sammygilliams (instagram)

Aloha Friday everyone!! It’s that time of the week again. Positive attitudes, happy faces, good moods, all because its the weekend. After a short week of school I’m still glad its the weekend. Who wants to be stuck in a building for 6 hours. Defiantly not me.

Last night one of my best friends, Mali called me and asked what I was doing for Spring Break. Originally I was supposed to go to New York, but my plans got canceled sadly. So my response was “Nothing, how about you?” With excitement she asked really fast, “WILL YOU GO TO KAUAI WITH ME?!” Of course my response was yes. Who would turn down Hawaii! I ran to my parents room and begged if I could go. Lucky me, they said yes 🙂 I purchased my ticket last night and couldn’t stop smiling and dancing around. I can’t wait to be in the beautiful blue ocean with the sun kissing my skin. Finally that tan will come back of me 😉

The photo above is a photo taken by my friend Sammy who was in Kauai about a month ago. I just love the photo and couldnt help but use it. Now with all of this excitement in me, I just want it to be spring break already! 1 month to go! Comment below and tell me where you’re going for the break!

xoxo Taylor


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