Sun’s Out Bun’s Out ☀

photo-7This previous weekend was Presidents Day Weekend, but for us kids it was a 4 day weekend! Many families spent their weekend in the snow shredding it up. My family wanted a relaxing weekend at home and didn’t want to leave so I stayed in Santa Barbara. Lucky for me it was beautiful everyday and was perfect weather for the beach. Couldn’t have asked for anything better!

On Friday my best friend Mali and I hit up our favorite beach, Hope Ranch and laid out all day. Before we hit the beach we went and visited our favorite deli Three Pickles to grab some sandwiches. If you are ever in Santa Barbara visiting, I highly recommend going to Three Pickles. When we got to the beach we set up a little picnic with a mexican blanket I have. The worst is going to the beach and your cramming all of your gatherings on your towel and everything gets all sandy.

Although it was too cold to go in the water without a wetsuit on, we attempted. We spent the whole day soaking up the beautiful sunshine on our bodies and didn’t want to leave. We did the same for Saturday and Sunday as well. Sadly Monday was too cold to go, here comes that Santa Barbara pipolarness. Comment below with stories of your Presidents Day weekend! I’d love to hear.

xoxo Taylor.



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