Trampoline Fun

Over summer my brother and I were very into documenting our life and making videos out of the footage. We wanted to show our parents and friends what we do when we are not with them. We are very appreciative of our life and friends and we love to document it so one day we can go back and look at all the good times we had. We use the Go Pro to document everything. It’s a great little handy camera to have with us when were always traveling.

This is a video of my brother and all of our Malibu friends spending a day recording themselves messing around on a trampoline at our friend Eli’s house. When we don’t feel like going to the beach and just feel like messing around and having a good time. The boys like to go over to Eli’s house and just record themselves doing crazy things. On the other hand Madi and I mess around Pcove and try to have adventures. Throughout this video many back flips and dancing occur. Our friend Brandon loves to dance and sometimes gets a little too into it. As you will see in the video.

New Go Pro videos coming soon!


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