Surfs Up



Can summer take any longer? The other night I was going through all my photos on my computer and came across multiple summer photos and got me thinking that I am not a winter person AT all. I just want the warm sun on my body and the salt particles in my hair. I miss having a sun kissed tan and beach wavy hair. I don’t like being bundled up in jeans and scarves everyday.

Although winter has its advantages, summer has much more to offer. You have freedom, the sun, the ocean, and amazing music playlists ready to be played! Summer is where many people meet new friends and explore! I know I do. I love to take advantage of summer and explore as much as I can with new and old friends!

The picture was taken last summer at The Hut, in Malibu, Ca. I spent most of my summer in Malibu with my best friend Madi. Everyday we were at the beach, sun or no sun you could find us there. Someday’s we would wake up and just walk down to Madi’s private beach she had in front of her home, or we would hitch a ride to private beaches with our two older brothers. We would mostly hang out at Little Dume or the Hut. Two very popular local beaches. Madi and I love to be in the water and attempt to surf. Although were not the best we love just to mess around. There is a video of us with our two older brothers messing around in the water. I’ll upload it soon! Comment below with some of your summer memories!


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