Boredom leads to beauty

Sometimes when I get bored and don’t feel like checking Instagram 1,000 times or refreshing my news feed on Facebook and Twitter every 2 seconds I hop on my bike and go explore around my neighborhood. Santa Barbara is full of different neighborhoods and each one has their “title.” You have the “Riveria” which is the mountain neighborhood looking over all of Santa Barbara, then you have “San Roque” which is the family neighborhood. Then you have “Hope Ranch” which is the beautiful secretive neighborhood with bigger homes and some with ranches. Then you have “The Mesa,” a wide spread neighborhood closest to the beach. That’s where I live. A bike ride from my house to the beach takes about 4 minutes. Lucky me!

Whenever I want a break from the social media world or some time to myself I hop on my bike and ride down to the beach. One day I was in the mood to explore a property on the beach called the “Wilcox Property.” I sadly didn’t bring my camera so I didn’t capture all of its beauty that I wanted to. I found a little path down to a cliff and see the ocean right there in front of me. I couldn’t help but pull out my phone and capture this beautiful scenery in front of my eyes. I look down at my phone and couldn’t believe the picture I took. Not one ounce of edit went into this photo.

Although boredom is not fun and we cant stand it, sometimes your boredom leads you to beautiful places and things you would have never discovered before.

santa barbara


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