Little Youngster


Watch out road! Yesterday I went to take my permit test at the Santa Barbara DMV. The past week I have been studying like crazy hoping to pass. I walked in and knew I was ready for the test. After speeding through the test, I handed the lady my test and covered my eyes while she was grading. This day determines whether or not I get my license on my birthday. All I hear is my dad saying “She’s good! She’s good! She’s good!” The lady hands me back my test and I only missed 4. My dad looks at me and starts to tear up. If you knew my dad you would never suspect this. A 300 lb 6’7″ man tearing up over his daughter getting their permit. Although permit is nothing special it makes me realize that I’m just one step closer of being independent. My parents have no idea what their about to get there selves into.


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