Coachella Season

With Coachella around the corner its never too early to start planning and purchasing your outfits. I know I’ve already started! My step mom is a hoarder of clothes. (not actually) She has everything from her high school days till now. I must admit some of her high school clothes I question, but for the majority of it they are super cute! Coachella is a great place to step out of your comfort zone and wear whatever you want. The great part about it is no one will judge you! Everyone their is wearing crazy and hippie things too. Since my step mom and I are around the same size in her high school clothes she is letting my borrow some of her super hippie dippy clothes. Can’t wait!¬†

The image above is a PERFECT outfit for Coachella! Although the items are sort of pricey there are many clothing items at there very similar! So if you don’t want to spend the money on an outfit like this, use this as an idea and go shopping at thrift stores. They always have the cutest and hippest stuff! That’s what I plan on doing ūüôā¬†

Here are the items from the image above: 


Hope you enjoyed!! 

xoxo Taylor 


Inspirational Work Out and Hike

image from: @teatannedandtoned (instagram)

image from: @teatannedandtoned (instagram)

It’s that time of the week! Workout Wednesday ūüôā It’s half way through the weekend and we are all waiting for the weekend! This weekend in Santa Barbara is supposed to be full of sun and for me the beach! Although since it is Santa Barbara the weather can completely change on us. To get ready for the weekend and spring break, you want those sexy legs to rock in shorts and sundresses.

This exercise is one of my favorites for my legs. I get all my inspiration from an instagram account I follow, click here. Behind the inspirational account is Karena and Casey. Two beautiful girls from Malibu, Ca. They post daily pictures of exercises  their food, cute bathing suits, and inspirational bodies.

To get ready for the weekend and spring break try this excercise!

  1. start off with 20 squats. 
  2. then move on to 30 lunges.
  3. next do 40 calf raises.
  4. then make your way to 50 second wall squats.
  5. then do 100 jumping jacks.
  6. then repeat doing 50 second wall squats.
  7. next do 40 sumo squats.
  8. then 30 leg raises.
  9. lastly do 20 squats.

This workout should take a total of 15 minutes. It’s a great workout to do at your house in your room, or at the gym! Whatever is easier for you! After the first week you should start noticing your legs getting stronger and your core hurting a tad. I promise you it will feel great after your body gets use to the idea.

daily run: 


Sorry I¬†haven’t¬†been posting my daily runs! I’ve been really busy and¬†haven’t¬†been taking the prettiest runs that are worthy of photos. The past week my mom and I have been doing after school hikes. For the past 3 days we have chosen s Inspirational Point hike. If you are ever in the area I highly recommend this hike! It’s a beautiful hike in the¬†mountains¬†of Santa Barbara.¬†Click here for directions. Happy Wednesday everyone!! Enjoy the rest of your week ūüôā

xoxo Taylor

A Trip of A Life Time

I’ll have to admit my brother has the life. He’s a full time student at SBCC, but full time partier up and down the coast of Southern California. With him you never know where he can be. He could be partying at USC with his best friends, or in Malibu and having a mellow surf weekend. He is always traveling around California. I must admit,¬†I’m¬†quite jealous of the life he lives.

One of his best friends is Eli Meyer, whose father is the CEO of Universal Studios was luckily invited to a once in a lifetime ski trip to Big Sky, Montana. In Big Sky they stayed in country club called Yellowstone. Yellowstone is a very exclusive club that you must be invited by the owners in order to stay there. The video above is a video of their 4 day weekend vacation there(my brother being in the green jacket). A friend of theirs, Lucas Huffman edited the video and did a fantastic job! Enjoy!!

xoxo Taylor


Happy Monday everyone!! Although we are all dreading to get out of bed this morning and going to either school or work we all have to do it. So might as well make the best of it!

One of my favorite bands, The Kooks¬†always put me in a good mood and the morning and always know how to wake me up without putting me in a bad mood for the day. Jean Tonique made a great remix of ¬†The Kook’s¬†song Naive. The remix is not too much with all the¬†dub step¬†and rap remixes now of days. It’s the perfect amount to wake you up and put you in a great mood for the day!

The Kook’s ¬†are an English rock band from¬†Brighton, East Sussex. The band was¬†assembled¬†in 2004 by lead singer¬†Luke Pritchard. To make up the¬†beautiful¬†band we have: Hugh Harris on lead guitar, Paul Garred on the drums, and Max Rafferty on the bass guitar. The genre they are¬†categorized¬†in is¬†Indie rock, Britpop, alternative rock, and Indie Pop.

If you are into mellow music and ready to be put in a good mood check them out! I promise they do not disappoint!

Have a great Monday!

xoxo Taylor

Aloha Friday part 2


image from: @sammygilliams (instagram)

Aloha Friday everyone!! It’s that time of the week again. Positive¬†attitudes, happy faces, good moods, all because its the weekend. After a short week of school I’m still glad its the weekend. Who wants to be stuck in a building for 6 hours.¬†Defiantly¬†not me.

Last night one of my best friends, Mali called me and asked what I was doing for Spring Break. Originally I was supposed to go to New York, but my plans got canceled sadly. So my response was “Nothing, how about you?” With excitement she asked really fast, “WILL YOU GO TO KAUAI¬†WITH ME?!” Of course my response was yes. Who would turn down Hawaii! I ran to my parents room and begged if I could go. Lucky me, they said yes ūüôā I purchased my ticket last night and¬†couldn’t¬†stop smiling and dancing around. I can’t wait to be in the beautiful blue ocean with the sun kissing my skin. Finally that tan will come back of me ūüėČ

The photo above is a photo taken by my friend Sammy who was in Kauai about a month ago. I just love the photo and couldnt help but use it. Now with all of this excitement in me, I just want it to be spring break already! 1 month to go! Comment below and tell me where you’re going for the break!

xoxo Taylor

Sun’s Out Bun’s Out ‚ėÄ

photo-7This previous weekend was Presidents Day Weekend, but for us kids it was a 4 day weekend! Many families spent their weekend in the snow shredding it up. My family wanted a relaxing weekend at home and didn’t want to leave so I stayed in Santa Barbara. Lucky for me it was beautiful everyday and was perfect weather for the beach. Couldn’t have asked for anything better!

On Friday my best friend Mali and I hit up our favorite beach, Hope Ranch and laid out all day. Before we hit the beach we went and visited our favorite deli Three Pickles to grab some sandwiches. If you are ever in Santa Barbara visiting, I highly recommend going to Three Pickles. When we got to the beach we set up a little picnic with a mexican blanket I have. The worst is going to the beach and your cramming all of your gatherings on your towel and everything gets all sandy.

Although it was too cold to go in the water without a wetsuit on, we attempted. We spent the whole day soaking up the beautiful sunshine on our bodies and didn’t want to leave. We did the same for Saturday and Sunday as well. Sadly Monday was too cold to go, here comes that Santa Barbara pipolarness. Comment below with stories of your Presidents Day weekend! I’d love to hear.

xoxo Taylor.


Get That Rockin Body


image from: @teatannedandtoned (instagram)

I’m going to start something new! Every Wednesday I will post a new work out for you to try. Other wise known as “work out Wednesday.” That way it will stay more organized and there is a specific day for what you are looking for.

This is one of my favorite work outs. It’s super easy and you can do it anywhere! I recommend you to push yourself, but if you can’t and want to start off slow take this work out and cut it in half. Then when you feel more comfortable take it up a notch and do what you’re comfortable with.

  • Start off with a 30 minute run (if you are taking it easy do 15 minutes)¬†
  • Then move onto 3 sets of 10 lunge jumps (2 sets if your taking it easy)
  • Next do 3 sets of 15 side leg lifts *each side* (2 sets of 10 if your taking it easy)
  • Then do 3 sets of 20 back leg lifts *each side* (2 sets of 10 if your taking it easy) (if you want to push yourself put a free weight behind your knee and lift up)
  • Next do 3 sets of 30 side crunches *each side* (2 sets of 20 if your taking it easy)
  • Lastly do a minute and 15 second plank (45 seconds if your taking it easy)

Comment below and tell me some workouts that you enjoy. Have a good Wednesday and stay fit!!

xoxo Taylor

The Portal

This previous weekend was President Day Weekend. A very common weekend for families to go to the snow and ski or snowboard. Sadly I was not able to make it to the snow, but who needs to leave when you already live in such a beautiful place!

USC Skiing & Snowboarding team has a great¬†filmier¬†by the name of¬†Abe Kislevitz. Throughout the season they make videos of their time at the snow and always make them entertaining and fun to watch. Each video is different in their own way, which I love. The video above is somewhat of an older video of theirs but it is my favorite. It’s very entertaining to watch and makes you want to watch all of the others!

We are so lucky to live in a state where we have the beach and the mountains both. USC is located in Los Angeles, California. ¬†USC’s ski and snowboard team use the mountain Mammoth to record and spend their time. Mammoth is about a 9 hour drive from the city, but in the end its all worth it!

Please go check out all of their videos, I promise they¬†don’t¬†disappoint! Comment below with videos of your favorite ski or snowboard videos.

Want Killer Abs?

photo (7)

image from: @teatannedandtoned (instagram)

With spring break around the corner and summer a few months after that, it’s time to get healthy again and get out of hibernation mood from winter. I follow a great Instagram called @teatannedandtoned. They have great inspiration posts ¬†and many work out exercises.

I know it’s sometimes hard to get over to a gym and work out or you don’t live in an area where you really want to run. Well I have good news for you! You can turn your bedroom into a gym. The image above is a great way to get killer abs for spring break and summer. Do this exercise 3 times before bed for a month straight and you’ll notice a huge change in your core! I myself started this on Monday night and I already feel a little better with myself.

  • Start of with 20 bicycle crunches (repeat 3 times)
  • Then move on to 20 v-up crunches (repeat 3 times)
  • Then lastly 20 oblique twists (repeat 3 times)

Comment below with some¬†exercises¬†that you love to do. I’d love to try some new ones! Happy Valentines everyone!

xoxo, Taylor

The Perfect Outfit

Although winter is coming to the end, in Santa Barbara its still a little chilly every now and then. One thing about Santa Barbara that you can never predict is the weather. One day it will be clear, blue skies and 80 degrees, then the next day it will be pouring rain. You never know what you’re dealing with here. I’m a huge fan of comfort and if I’m not comfortable you won’t hear the end of me. Every time I pick out my outfit for school or for the weekend I always make sure I’ll be comfortable before I leave the house. I love lulu lemon leggings and I always wear them when my jeans are dirty or if I want a comfort day. They are the perfect pants to wear with boots or even to work out in!

I have another blog on the website “Tumblr” and I follow many fashion blogs. I love to see how different people put together an outfit and I love to get new ideas for myself. One of my favorite blogs is here. I love how she puts together outfits and gives you the website where you can find the whole outfit. The image above is one of her most recent outfits and I love it! It’s perfect for the weather right now and the season.

  • Blue Denim and Cotton Jacket can be purchased here.
  • Brandy Melville Kayla Knit Sweater can be purchased here.
  • Dickies Relaxed Fit Jeans Washed 13291 can be purchased here.
  • Leather Satchel Backpack can be purchased¬†here.
  • Theory: Yvanka Combat Boot can be purchased here.

Comment below with links to your favorite fashion blogs or pictures of  your outfits! I would love to expand my fashion taste and see what you have in mind!

xoxo. Taylor.